Is Revs Check no longer obtainable?

Revs Check

Now that you've made a decision to get a second hand vehicle, you are most likely hoping to get a Revs Check conducted to it before you finalize your final decision. But, you suddenly find out that REVS or the Register of Encumbered Vehicles no longer exists! What should you do at this point? How will you check if an automobile you're interested in does not carry a financial obligation? There is actually no reason to worry; REVS is still around but simply with another title.

For over two-and-a-half decades, the REVS or Register of Encumbered Vehicles has become every car buyer’s go-to every time they need to take a look at any record of encumbrances for second hand cars they want to invest in. The REVS contained just about all information and facts on vehicle encumbrances in particular states in Australia. Then again, all of this has changed by January 2012. REVS have been superceded by the nationwide Personal Property Securities Register or PPSR.

The PPSR focuses on a wider area and does not simply give information on a vehicle’s encumbrances but will also include the vehicle history and also information on whether it is really a stolen automobile or perhaps regarded as a write-off by an insurance company. This is made possible simply because the PPSR has quite simply absorbed or perhaps unified all registers in Australia.

IS A REVS CHECK Provided At No Cost?

Originally, Revs Check is offered for free however not anymore. Then again, there is no reason for you to fret since the standard charge you merely need to pay for a revs inspection is approximately $9 or less.

Just What Are The Prerequisites TO HAVE A REVS CHECK Carried out?

In case you are purchasing a pre-owned automobile, well then you must present the VIN or perhaps vehicle identification number; in case you're getting a boat then you need to provide the HIN or perhaps Hull identification number. Aside from all these you also need to supply the registration number and engine number of the car involved.


A Revs Check is easy to execute and all you have to to perform is to supply the information stated earlier. You may either personally pay a visit to the REVS branch or perhaps log on to a web site providing Revs inspection solutions. The two choices provides you with fast and handy methods of acquiring information regarding the vehicle concerned. Only for a couple of minutes, you are going to get yourself a thorough revs report along with a PPSR accreditation which highlights the financial status and background of the car concerned. This Revs Check report can be downloaded as PDF file.

Apart from performing a Revs Check it is also equally important to have the car assessed for any complications and also problems. Almost all car dealers selling pre-owned automobiles do not usually tell car buyers regarding problems that the vehicle they're selling off has. Fortunately, this problem may be resolved by getting the vehicle examined. You will find lots of car technicians, car ports, auto service centres and also car inspection experts that offer used car inspection services within Australia at reasonable prices. Be sure to pick an auto mechanic or even service center you can trust.